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Executive team


Scott Betts

Chief Risk Officer

Scott Betts has been with Gulf & Fraser since 2018—initially as Vice President, Risk Credit and Compliance, and transitioning to Chief Risk Officer in 2021.

Scott holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria.

Prior to joining Gulf & Fraser, Scott served as the Practice Lead, Risk Advisory Services for PRA Canada where he assisted financial institutions across Canada in building leading edge risk management and compliance regimes. Scott also served as a Director of Prudential Supervision for the British Columbia Financial Services Authority where he supported financial stability efforts.  

Within BC’s financial system, Scott serves on working committees to establish guidelines and set high standards for delivering financial services in a manner that puts the consumer first and demands accountability from financial institutions. He has collaborated on a number of impactful projects—establishing the nationwide Market Code of Conduct and restructuring Canada’s Central Bank protocols for managing liquidity, among other initiatives.

At Gulf & Fraser, Scott oversees a team of professionals who collectively manage credit approvals, collections, risk management, compliance, and organization-wide policy.

During his first three years, Scott was instrumental in managing a substantial shift in company culture through restructuring our credit risk management and sales functions in our Commercial Lending Department, all while achieving record profits and driving cost-efficiency. He led strategic initiatives in Gulf & Fraser’s merger with Aldergrove Credit Union, setting out best practices and templates which were used for two subsequent mergers and working with BCFSA to streamline the merger/acquisition process for future partnerships. Scott was also key to leading our organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Currently, Scott is overseeing risk and policy changes as the organization works to integrate four credit unions into one, following the successful mergers with Aldergrove Credit Union, V.P. Credit Union, and Mount Lehman Credit Union in 2021.

“As the financial industry experiences rapid change, it’s exciting to lead a team that is focused on managing the risks and capitalizing on the opportunities to deliver the best service to our members.

We have worked hard to build a mindset focused on value generation for our members within the bounds of our Board’s established risk appetite. It’s exhilarating to see my team challenge historical norms with innovative approaches that lean on data and forward modelling, progressing risk management into the next phase of its evolution.”