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Welcome to the full Gulf & Fraser experience!

Members of VP Financial and Mount Lehman Financial: learn what you have access to since October 24 and how to use Gulf & Fraser digital banking

Welcome, members of VP Financial and Mount Lehman Financial

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes as four BC credit unions came together within one year. It has been a time of incredible change for you — thank you for your trust and patience in us. Ensuring each of our 61,000 members have access to all that G&F offers, has been our priority since our four credit unions joined forces — that’s what we’ve been working on since you joined us in January 2022.

Timeline for delivery – what happens when

As of October 24 our three banking systems were unified as one. This means that VP Financial and Mount Lehman Financial members now have access to all that Gulf & Fraser offers! Please be aware there are few steps for you to take to start benefiting from our services. We're here to help guide you through this transition.

Roadmap Diagram
*New brand name (trade name) of Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union

What you can access as of October 24, 2022:

What you'll need to do next...

Learn what's changed, get set up:

Learn what's changed, get set up:

We'd love to hear from you!

How are you feeling about these upcoming changes? If you've got feedback for us, please reach out to us at 604-419-8888 or complete this 1-minute member survey.

New card, new look, same great benefits!

If you are a current cardholder, you can expect a new Collabria Mastercard in the mail this November with a new look and the same great benefits. All reward points will transfer to your new card.

Remember to register your new card for rewards through the MyCardInfo website or by calling our credit card provider, Collabria, directly at 1-855-341-4643. See the Collabria credit card checklist to learn more.