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Foreign exchange rates and services

We buy and sell approximately 60 different currencies, at competitive rates.

Gulf & Fraser offers a full range of currency services for wherever your travels take you. Contact your branch to order your desired currency and your order will be completed within 1-5 business days.

We have listed rates for you to buy and sell US currency. For other foreign exchange rates, please contact your branch.

List of rates for Foreign Exchange Rates
Foreign Exchange Rates Buy Rate Sell Rate
United States (Dollar)

What you need to know about getting US currency through Gulf & Fraser:

  • US currency is available at Gulf & Fraser branches and in Gulf & Fraser ATMs.
    • Our boutique branches, including Brentwood, Metrotown and West End, offer US currency in the ATM only. 
    • The "buy rate" in the ATM is set by the Exchange. You may find a preferential rate by ordering through a Gulf & Fraser branch.
  • If you require an amount in excess of $10,000 US, your branch can give you a live US dollar exchange rate quote.
  • US dollar exchange rates are updated daily. Buy and sell rates are listed from the member’s perspective. 

Get USD and other currencies from your nearest Gulf & Fraser branch.

Smart Money Calculator

You can use Gulf & Fraser's Foreign Exchange Calculator to convert foreign currency to Canadian Dollars or vice versa. To see the cost of buying or selling our most popular foreign currencies, simply enter a value and select the currencies.