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Estate planning - preparing you and your family for the future

Trusted partners for your trust and estate planning needs

Planning an estate isn't something exclusive to eccentric billionaires. Everyone should have some sort of estate plan in place to ensure their financial matters are resolved quickly and expediently, and their family and loved ones lose as little as possible to taxation.

The most important part of estate planning is ensuring that you have a valid, up-to-date will. If you die without a will, the government will distribute your estate in accordance with provincial law. Only a will can ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Our Wealth Management experts can help identify opportunities and risks when considering the transition of wealth, and family law issues. We have partnered with Webster, Hudson & Coombe to provide wills, estates and family law advice. Our valued members are eligible for a free one-hour consultation with Webster, Hudson & Coombe.

Through our partnership with Concentra Trust, Gulf & Fraser offers the following estate and trust services:

  • Corporate executor services
  • Power of attorney or property guardian
  • Trustee and trust administration duties

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