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Annual General Meeting

Gulf & Fraser is hosting our 82nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

We encourage all members to participate in this important event by joining us online or in person.

At the AGM, you receive an insider’s perspective into the credit union – you have the opportunity to learn about highlights from the past year, review our financial statements and take a look at our plans for the upcoming year.

The AGM provides a great opportunity to ask any questions, raise concerns or tell us what you like about Gulf & Fraser. You also get a chance to hear updates from our Board of Directors and Co-CEOs.

You’re invited!

Gulf & Fraser Annual General Meeting
7pm, Tuesday, April 18
Anvil Centre
777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC

How to register to attend the AGM at the Anvil Centre

Registration opens at 6pm at the Anvil Centre. AGM starts at 7pm.

How to register to attend the AGM online

You will need to register in advance to attend the AGM online. Registration is open from March 10 – April 11.

Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive confirmation from Zoom that it was received. Within two business days, you will receive a second confirmation email from Zoom with a link to join the AGM or listen over the phone.

Non-voting members and guests will receive an email confirmation with a link to watch the AGM on YouTube (live).

Joint account holders, please ensure you register for the AGM separately, using two separate email addresses.

Click below to register for the online AGM today.

Planning to attend in person?

No need to RSVP in advance, registration opens at the Anvil Centre at 6pm.

Your AGM News

Click here to read the AGM News which will be delivered to every credit union member in March.

Click here to read our 2022 Consolidated Financial Statements.

Click here to read our Credit Union Rules.

AGM Agenda

1. Call to order
2. Ascertainment of quorum
3. Appointment of Recording Secretary and Parliamentarian
4. Adoption of agenda and rules of order
5. Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
6. Business arising out of the minutes
7. Board of Directors’ report
8. Chief Executive Officers’ report and financial statement presentation
9. Auditor’s report of the financial statements and approval of auditor’s report
10. Announcement of Board of Director election results
11. Appointment of auditors for 2023
12. Unfinished business
13. New business
14. Good and welfare
15. Adjournment

2023 Board election results

We thank all members who exercised their democratic right to vote and participated in our recent Board of Directors election. As will be announced at the Annual General meeting on April 18, 2023, here are the results of the 2023 Board of Directors election.

The terms of five Directors will expire at the upcoming AGM with three directorships available for a three-year term. Voting took place March 13-31 with the following results:

Tracey Scott: 773

Lee Varseveld: 704

Sonia Virk: 682

Bill Wilby: 1,381

Get a quick summary of our 2022 results

See our annual report website here.

See our 2022 AGM Minutes here. 

We look forward to seeing you at our AGM, 7pm, Tuesday, April 18!