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Financial planning

Make smart money moves with confidence, one thoughtful financial plan at a time.

Get customized financial planning services

Build wealth, save for retirement and manage your finances with our expert financial planning team.

Why choose financial planning?

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Investment advice

Get tailored advice on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments to help grow your wealth.

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Budgeting and cash flow

Create a budget that allows you to save, invest and plan for the future without sacrificing your current financial goals.

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Home ownership

Find out everything you need to know about the home buying process, from mortgages to market trends.

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Tax savings

Identify and take advantage of tax savings plans and tax-efficient products that line up with your goals.

Explore your financial planning options

Smart Money Plan™

Get tailored advice and a personalized financial plan developed by accredited advisors.

  • Personalized financial plans tailored to your needs and goals

  • Ongoing support and updates to keep you on track

  • Adaptability to changing circumstances

  • Easy start with a phone appointment

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Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Secure your savings with a tax-free investment vehicle, designed to maximize your returns.

  • Tax-free investment growth

  • Flexible, penalty-free withdrawals

  • No age restrictions for contributions

  • Access funds any time, anywhere

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Boost your financial planning know-how

Get financial advice

From building a savings plan to starting your investment journey, there are so many ways to prepare for the future. 


Get advice on the go

Life gets busy, but don't let that stop you achieving your goals. Whether you’ve got $50 or $50,000, we want to help power your possible – and we'll come to you to do it.

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Your financial planning questions answered

Financial planning is the process of setting and working towards goals to reach financial freedom. It involves understanding your current finances, developing strategies to build wealth and save for retirement, managing cash flow and finding ways to reduce taxes where possible.

A strong financial plan should outline your short- and long-term goals, risk tolerance, financial resources available and investment strategies. It should also cover topics like budgeting, estate planning, debt management, retirement savings, insurance coverage and more.

The best way to create a personal financial plan is to consult a professional. A certified financial planner can help you develop a detailed strategy that considers your goals, resources and risk tolerance.

The amount of money you need depends on your individual circumstances and goals. If you're wondering how much you need to save for retirement, contact our advisors to get an accurate estimate.

Have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re just a live chat, video, or phone call away when you need us.

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Other solutions you might want

Mutual funds

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a growing portfolio, enjoy access to a full array of affordable investments professionally managed for you.

Stocks and bonds

Take advantage of our wide range of stocks and bonds to build a powerful, diversified investment portfolio – guided by our experienced advisors.