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Updated April 16, 2019

This Privacy Statement explains how Gulf & Fraser (“us", “we”, or “our”) collects, uses and discloses the personal information and non-personal information you may provide, or that we may collect while you are using Gulf & Fraser’s website at (the “Website”) and the services it provides (the “Services”).

By using the Website or the Services, or by submitting your personal information to Gulf & Fraser or to the Website, you signify your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. If you do not consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement, you may not use the Website or the Services, or submit your personal information to Gulf & Fraser or the Website.

Note that certain services can only be offered to you if you provide personal information to Gulf & Fraser and therefore Gulf & Fraser may not be able to provide you those services if you choose not to provide Gulf & Fraser with personal information.

To ensure that you are the only person accessing your personal financial information, we restrict access to the online banking section of the site by requiring that you enter your Member ID and Personal Access Code (PAC) to login. Only you know your PAC. Our employees do not have access to your PAC, and they will not ask you to reveal it. If someone does ask you to provide your PAC to them, we ask that you refuse to do so and contact us immediately.

By nature, our online banking site supports many transactional functions such as transfers between accounts and bill payment functions. These transactions are all logged to ensure that your accounts are debited or credited appropriately, and a history of each transaction is available to verify your account information. We store and use your transactional information in the same fashion as if you performed the transaction at a branch or through any other service channel.

We may also use transactional information for servicing your account—for example, billing you for the particular transactions that you perform, or for the services that you use.

We create a secure channel between your browser and our server to protect your information when you use the site. To learn more about how we do this, please review our information on internet security.

To provide you with a convenient method for applying for mortgages and loans, or for purchasing other financial services products, such as registered plans, we may provide secure online application forms. These forms capture personal information that we use to provide you with the products and services you request. This information is processed in a similar way to application forms received through our other channels.

To continually improve our site, we often collect statistics about how our members are using it. These usage statistics are only viewed in the aggregate and are not associated with you as an individual. We use this information for purposes such as improving the pages where our members are having difficulties.

The information collected may include your IP address, your browser type and your operating system, as well as data such as the number and types of pages visited, and the length of time spent per page and on the site overall.

Gulf & Fraser uses cookies on this website. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Below we explain what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third parties we may partner with may use cookies on the Service, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small piece of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the Service or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and the Service more useful to you.

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies.

How Gulf & Fraser uses cookies

As you use this site, cookies are passed back and forth between our server and your browser.

Specifically, we use two kinds of cookies—session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie exists only for the length of your browsing session and is deleted when you close your browser. A persistent cookie is a cookie that stays on your computer after you close your browser. A persistent cookie may or may not expire on a given date.

We use a session cookie to maintain the integrity of your online banking session. With each page that you visit, the cookie is passed back and forth between our server and your browser. We use the cookie to distinguish your session from the many others that may be happening at the same time. Our session cookies never store any personal information, such as your name, or date of birth, or financial information, such as your accounts and balances.

We may use persistent cookies to:

  • Provide you with a customized experience by recording your preferences

  • Gather statistical information such as average time spent on a page

  • Show you targeted marketing information about us when you visit other websites.

The data gathered provides us with information on how we can improve the design, content and navigation of our website.

Your internet browser allows you to set some level of control over which cookies are accepted and how your browser uses them. For example, it may be set to notify you when it is receiving a cookie so that you accept cookies from only known, reliable sites like this one. If you are concerned about cookies, we encourage you to upgrade your browser to a recent version and review the Help section of your browser to learn more about its specific control features.

Third-party cookies

In addition to our own cookies, we may use various third-party cookies to report usage statistics of the Services, deliver advertisements on and through the Service, and so on.

If you'd like to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser. 

Please note, however, that if you delete cookies or refuse to accept them, you might not be able to use all of the features we offer, you may not be able to store your preferences, and some of our pages might not display properly.

Learn more about cookies

You can learn more about cookies at the following third-party websites:

We use a persistent cookie to store information to help you personalize the site and to make it easier to use. For example, we allow you to make the login easier by remembering your login information within our Memorized Accounts feature. Since the Memorized Accounts feature is optional, this cookie only contains information that you have entered into it. We never store your Personal Access Code (PAC) in a cookie.

Personal information

In this Privacy Statement, “personal information” is information about an identifiable individual, such as your name, address, and email address. To the extent permitted by law, the provisions of this Privacy Statement concerning “personal information” do not apply to information that enables you to be contacted at a place of business (such as your business telephone number and business email address).

Use of your personal information

During your use of the Website, you may be asked to voluntarily provide personal information for purposes such as corresponding with you, providing Services to you, entering promotional contests, or other purposes specified at the time of collection. Personal information we collect to use for these purposes includes your name, email, job title, social media handles and/or name of your workplace. Gulf & Fraser will not use your personal information for purposes other than those for which it is collected, except with your consent or as permitted or required by applicable law. Additionally, Gulf & Fraser may keep a record of all communications with you.

Disclosure of your personal information

Gulf & Fraser may disclose your personal information as required or permitted by applicable law, or to its agents, suppliers and service providers for use in connection with matters relating to your use of the Website, Gulf & Fraser’s provision of Services to you, or otherwise as specified by Gulf & Fraser at the time of collection. Gulf & Fraser may also disclose your personal information to other persons at your request, with your consent, or in connection with an investigation or proceeding to investigate or protect you and other persons and Gulf & Fraser from error, risk, fraud, or criminal activity.

Gulf & Fraser will not sell or rent your personal information to any third party. Gulf & Fraser has no control over, and no responsibility or liability for, those persons’ use and disclosure of your personal information, and that use and disclosure is not subject to this Privacy Statement.

Depersonalized information

Gulf & Fraser may use your personal information to create non-personal information regarding the use of the Website and the Services. We may use and disclose this aggregate data to better understand our overall user base and for other purposes in our sole discretion. Gulf & Fraser may permanently retain non-personal information for future use.

Withdrawing consent

You may withdraw your consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information, but doing so may mean that Gulf & Fraser cannot provide services to you. To withdraw consent, please contact Gulf & Fraser’s Privacy Officer.

Retention of your information

Gulf & Fraser retains your personal information for as long as required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as may be required by law. When no longer required, your personal information will be destroyed, anonymized, or disposed of using secure methods.

Location of information

Gulf & Fraser will store and process your personal information in secured locations. The personal information is stored and processed in Canada. However, the disclosure of your information in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable law may result in your personal information being transferred outside of Canada, including to the United States. The laws of other countries regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information may be different from the laws of Canada.

Your use of the Website indicates your consent to your personal information being transferred outside of Canada and subject to the laws of these other jurisdictions.

Safeguarding your information

Gulf & Fraser has reasonable security safeguards to protect personal information against loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or modification. Nevertheless, you should be aware that security risks cannot be eliminated and Gulf & Fraser cannot guarantee that your personal information will not be used or disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this Privacy Statement.

Accessing or correcting your personal information

You may request access to your personal information and information about Gulf & Fraser’s collection, use and disclosure of that information by sending your request to Gulf & Fraser’s Privacy Officer. Subject to certain exceptions and limitations prescribed by applicable law, you will be given reasonable access to your personal information, and will be entitled to request changes to the personal information we have about you to ensure accuracy and completeness of the information. You can help Gulf & Fraser maintain the accuracy of your information by notifying Gulf & Fraser of any changes.


Gulf & Fraser will investigate all reasonable written complaints or inquiries about the policies and practices relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. You can direct complaints to Gulf & Fraser’s Privacy Officer.

Contacting Gulf & Fraser’s Privacy Officer

Gulf & Fraser’s Privacy Officer may be contacted by email at or by writing to: 

Attn: Privacy Officer
Gulf & Fraser
7300 Edmonds Street, Suite 401 
Burnaby, BC V3N OG8 

To ensure that no one else can access your personal information, always use the logout button to end an online banking session. It is located at the top of every page within online banking.

When you exit using the logout button, we delete your session cookie so that your session cannot be resumed unless your Member ID and PAC are re-entered.

In the event that you leave your computer without logging out, the online banking feature of this site has been designed to end your session automatically if our system detects that you haven't provided any instructions or used the browser buttons to navigate for several minutes. To restart the session, you will need to provide your PAC again.

General email is not secure since it passes through many points on its route from you to us. If you are using general email to communicate with us, we strongly recommend that you do not include personal financial information (such as account numbers) within the email as we cannot guarantee its confidentiality en route to us.

When you email us your comments, questions or instructions, you provide us your email address and we use it to correspond with you. We then store your email and our replies to you in case we correspond further.

Gulf & Fraser uses reCAPTCHA on our website and for the delivery of services to you. Your use of reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Our website may also contain links to other websites or Internet resources. As an example, from time to time we may provide links to a third-party website to assist you in upgrading your Internet browser. However, we have no control over these other websites or internet resources and do not control their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

Always review the Privacy Statements of the websites that you are viewing.

We welcome any questions or concerns about your privacy relating to use of our website. Please submit your questions or comments to

This Privacy Statement may be changed from time to time at Gulf & Fraser’s sole discretion and without any prior notice or liability to you or any other person. The collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information will be governed by the version of this Privacy Statement in effect at that time. New versions of the Privacy Statement will be posted on the Website and will be available upon request from Gulf & Fraser.

Your continued use of the Website subsequent to any changes to this Privacy Statement will signify your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the changed Privacy Statement. Accordingly, when you use the Website, you must check the date of this Privacy Statement and review any changes since the last version.