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Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC (BGC)

Gulf & Fraser Foundation support helps BGC provide a safe and supportive environment for children across the Lower Mainland

Established over 85 years ago, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC (BGC) aims to provide safe, inclusive and barrier-free spaces where children of all ages can come and find a sense of belonging.  With 11 neighbourhood clubs spanning the Lower Mainland, BGC offers a range of structured activities, from sports and creative arts, to leadership training and mentorship opportunities.

"We really consider ourselves to be the 'champion of kids.' All children are amazing in their own way and all children deserve a place where they are free to be themselves – and free to be kids. We are grateful to Gulf & Fraser for their generous support of BGC and for helping our organization provide these positive spaces for children."

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO, BGC

A key differentiator between BGC and other activity clubs for children is BGC's no-barrier approach. BGC will never turn a family away due to financial concerns. By offering their programs on a sliding scale, BGC makes sure that the Lower Mainland’s most vulnerable children have a safe place to go. This approach means that BGC relies on fundraising and support from community partners to keep their clubs running.

BGC reached out to the Gulf & Fraser Foundation and received funding to help support the organization’s popular after-school prevention programs. These programs, aimed at older children, help kids build a solid foundation of life skills that will stay with them as they work towards a successful future. In these programs, kids are allowed a sense of independence and autonomy within a safe and supportive environment where they are free to learn, grow and thrive.

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"One really special thing about BGC is the sense of continuity within the clubs. Children who grow up at BGC and 'age out' often come back to us as volunteers and some have even come back as full-time staff.

We think it's important that the kids at BGC get to learn from, and look up to, leaders who have used the programs and can really relate to them."

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO, BGC

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