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Burnaby MoreSports

Member since 2008, Edmonds Branch

With funds from the Gulf & Fraser Foundation, Burnaby MoreSports gives children the chance to experience sports without barriers.

Burnaby MoreSports is a local non-profit group dedicated to giving Burnaby children access and opportunities to get involved in sports and other physical activities. With a special focus on children with barriers, including low income and language challenges, Burnaby MoreSports operates out of four elementary schools within the region, offering dedicated after-school activities to children in grades two through five. Operating since 2008, the organization has grown its reach in Burnaby and sees the need to continue the program’s expansion into other Burnaby neighbourhoods in the future.

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Not only are younger children receiving an opportunity to participate in a number of different sports throughout the school year, but Burnaby MoreSports also works to bring in youth coaches from neighbouring high schools. These students are given the chance to grow their leadership and coaching skills in a safe and supportive environment, and are mentored by program leaders. The youth coaching program is called “YELL”, which stands for “Youth, Engage, Learn, Lead” and participants receive training and leadership certifications, fully funded by the organization.

As a local grassroots organization, Burnaby MoreSports relies on external grants and funding to keep the program running. After applying for funds through the Gulf & Fraser Foundation, Burnaby MoreSports received funding to help with the costs associated with the afterschool sports program and the YELL leadership program. Lead by a small team of dedicated staff and over 20 volunteers, each member of the organization is truly driven to give children and youth the chance to take advantage of the physical and social benefits of sports.

“We are very grateful to the Gulf & Fraser Foundation for the funds we received. We are passionate about breaking down the barriers that keep children from accessing and being involved in sports.

With these funds, our organization can continue giving children opportunities in sports that translate into important life skills."

Maria Bamba, Program Coordinator, Burnaby MoreSports

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