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Member stories

Meredith Powell

Member since 2003, Main Street Branch

Meredith’s first loan from Gulf & Fraser helped empower her to reach new levels of success.

Meredith Powell is a self-made entrepreneur who has founded three companies from the ground up. She launched one of the world’s largest online wholesale fashion importing and distribution businesses, Powell & Company, and now gives back through the charitable organization she co-founded: "The Next Big Thing.” Meredith is a trailblazer, a calculated risk-taker, and a passionate advocate for women and youth who aspire to lead in tech and entrepreneurship. She is also a proud member of Gulf & Fraser.

"Gulf & Fraser gave me my first loan for $100,000 back when I was starting my first solo business. I had no credit at the time and this loan empowered me to bring my most ambitious professional dreams to life.

Gulf & Fraser took a chance by loaning me these funds when no other bank would, allowing me to lease office space, to expand internationally, and to take my companies to the next level."

"At Gulf & Fraser, members are more than just their numbers. It’s that personal and caring connection that is so rare and valuable in the banking world."

Meredith Powell, Gulf & Fraser member

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Today, Meredith is more of a household name having won numerous awards and honours for her work including BC Business magazine’s “Top 35 Most Influential Women in Business” and Business in Vancouver’s “Top 40 Under 40.” She remains a loyal member of Gulf & Fraser.

"I continue banking with Gulf & Fraser because our values are aligned. I am a strong believer in collaboration and community involvement, and Gulf & Fraser lives these values every day."

Meredith Powell, Gulf & Fraser member

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"Everyone's situation is unique. I listen and understand the goals that are most important to you."

David Chan

Wealth Planner, Gulf & Fraser, Credential Securities